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IP Cameras

IP video cameras broadcast their video as a digital stream over an IP network. Like an analog system, video is recorded on hard drives, but since the video is an IP stream straight from the camera, there is more flexibility as to how and where that video is recorded. The DVR is replaced with an NVR (network video recorder), which in some cases is just software since it doesn’t need to convert analog to digital. Video footage can then be stored on new or existing network RAID drives as directed by the NVR.

Turbo Cameras

Analog CCTV users can now enjoy HD resolution while safeguarding their investment in existing cabling infrastructure with Turbo HD Analog solution. This revolutionary technology supports latency-free 1080P HD over up-to 500 metres of coaxial cable and offers seamless compatibility with traditional SD cameras.


Network Video Recorder do the recording part for IP cameras. As NVR is a component of the network, it needs to be configured with an IP address. Conversant in the domain over the years, CCTV Store FSD offers a reliable solution in planning and installation of CCTV security systems with the IP cameras. In planning the IP surveillance we take into account several factors and it contains the resolution of video, video compression rate, Number of cameras and the frame rate per second.


CCTV Store FSD brings you the best of analog surveillance systems with the DVR. We are skilled in offering security solutions for analog surveillance incorporating with the additional features of DVR in Pakistan.

Online View

CCTV FSD provide superb quality sensors which trigger even in very delicate disturbances and every action or movement all around.They come with eminent Hard drives, operating systems, remote backup system, user friendly design, online viewing capacity, motion detectors, unlimited recordings and many more others making them profound and superb in the work. Online viewing makes them a divine productive device for the user imparting view from flung away areas.

Wireless Camera

The CCTV camera system we provide enables you to stream a live video footage anywhere and anytime from your mobile device. The remote viewing capability offered by our CCTV camera systems is one of its greatest features as it allows you to access and monitor your home or business from anywhere in the world, on a 24/7 basis.